Thursday, December 13, 2007

A note on Chee Soon Juan

Dear Friends,

This blog was set up by "Uncle Yap" [Keng Ho] in March 2006 when Soon Juan was charged and jailed for contempt of Singapore's judiciary [for his remarks that Singapore courts are not independent in dealing with cases involving PAP's political oppositions].

It has not been updated for quite a while, and it has become sort of a "souvenir" documenting one of the many episodes in Soon Juan's political struggle in Singapore.

There has been so many things happened since. Soon Juan has been to the prison a couple of times more:

"Speaking in public without a permit", jailed for 5 weeks in Nov & Dec 2006 (for selling SDP's newspaper, The New Democrat, during 2006 General Elections), and

"attempting to leave Singapore without a permit", jailed for 3 weeks in Sept & Oct 2007 (for failing to attend a World Movement for Democracy conference in Istanbul, Turkey, on 1st April 2006).

I would like to invite you to be friends of Chee Soon Juan @facebook. Because he is going to be unavailable from time to time, I think it makes more sense for me to manage his facebook.

As you may have known, Soon Juan is not allowed to leave Singapore. He will always be here, and therefore, we will always be here with him as a family. We are not going anywhere else.

Thank you and here's one of his latest videos:

youtube link:

Huang Chih Mei

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