Sunday, December 17, 2006

Dr Chee Soon Juan's video message

Dr Chee Soon Juan video message:

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Dr. Chee Soon Juan’s video was actually made before he went to prison, but it’s powerful nonetheless. Dr. Chee is a neuropsychologist and Secretary-General for the Singapore Democratic Party and he’s not just angry because his party lost the election. In Singapore, the People’s Action Party has been the only major party since 1963 when they arrested their only competition in a political witch hunt. Though Singapore is still considered a Democracy, people do not have the right to peacefully assemble, nor do they have freedom of the press.

The Singapore Democratic Party has been using the internet to get its message to people through blogging, forums, and internet videos. This is one of the better made political videos I’ve seen. Dr. Chee is extremely articulate in laying out his purpose and in convincing the viewer that his changes must occur. He uses powerful images, adopts “We Shall Overcome” for his cause, and even plays at your heart strings by showing numerous pictures of his children (basically all the stuff good political ads are made of).

I am not here to evangelize for Democracy, but I do believe that if a country is going to declare itself a Democracy they should at least offer the basic freedoms it necessitates. There can be no fair election when the opposition cannot be heard. There can be no free people when their voices are silenced. I wish Dr. Chee great success in his movement and hope that those in powerful positions will hear his cry.

(by Mischler, Nov 26, 2006)

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