Thursday, March 23, 2006

Your Letters

[18 March 2006]

Dear Siok Chin and Mei,

Thank you so much for the inspiring message from Soon Juan. His fight for fundamental human rights will be recorded in the real and whole history of Singapore.

A Singaporean friend used to say to me, " When a butterfly flaps its wings in China, the waves are felt in Ohio (USA)".

It is our privilege to flap our wings for Singapore.

Warm regards,
Margaret John
Coordinator for Singapore and Malaysia
Amnesty International Canada

[21 March 2006]

Dear Siok Chin,

Please send warm greetings from the liberal group in the Swedish Parliament to your amazing brother and his wonderful family.

The Swedish Liberal Party has taken your brave brothers case to the UN. We will continue to push for his freedom and important political struggle.

Warmest regards,
Birgitta Ohlsson
Member of the Swedish Parliament

[21 March 2006]

Dear Mrs Chee,

I am glad that the petition has helped in any small way.

It might not ensure his release, but I think it will help in increasing awareness generally.

Keep fighting the good fight!

Diana Chua

[22 March 2006]

Dear Siok Chin,

Please note that the Liberal group in the European Parliament has acted on Soon Juan's case and hope for a swift liberation.

Cecilia Malmström
Member of European parliament

[22 March 2006]

Dear friend,

Please convey my warmest regards and respect to Chee Soon Juan and his family over what has happened to him.

The residents of Singapore must be persuaded of the reality that what "the system" has done to our dear friend ultimately reflects terribly on them.

If the government of Singapore intends to win respect in the democracy and rule of law countries of the world, its population must find a way to get Soon Juan back with his family immediately.

Please keep me up to date on the developments.

Warmest regards,
David Kilgour
Member of Parliament

p.s. I was speaking at the Oklahoma City School of Law today and will ensure that those who invited me are made aware of what has happened.

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